What is Feel Good Wellness?

We bring wellness to the people who need it most. Feel Good Wellness is a body and mind wellness programme incorporating yoga, mobility, meditation and breathing exercises.

Through our wellness programme, your team will become more resilient and perform better. With business’ employees working from home, the wellness programme helps tackles the new challenges they are facing.

Feel good wellness - wellness for businesses

Our Online Wellness Portal

The Feel Good Wellness Portal is a library of on-demand yoga classes, meditations, breathing exercises and more.

Our online portal is available on both desktop and app. You can do our classes on any iOS or Android device.

On-demand yoga classes

Our library of online yoga classes covers different styles of yoga; from slow flow to power. The online library includes our exclusive Kickstart Your Yoga Programme designed specifically for beginners.

Classes range in length from 15, 30 to 60 minutes, allowing employees to do classes that work with their schedule and fits with business requirements.


A library of guided meditations and visualisations are available to help your team alleviate stress and build resilience. Meditations range in length.

Our meditations are focused on improving productivity, focus and confidence in the work environment.

Breathing exercises

Access to our breathing exercises, complete with guided audios on how to practice breathing exercises at your own pace.

A highly effective practice that gives your team complete mindfulness in 3 minutes, which can fit into anybody’s schedule.

Build your wellness programme

Every team is different. Create a programme that will work for your team. Add in live yoga classes to bring the team together, or add in workshops that will benefit your team.

We offer additional options including employee financial wellness programmes, strength and conditioning, nutrition and healthy eating, pilates and coaching.

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