Supporting wellness for employees working remotely or returning to the workplace

The Health and Wellbeing of Employees is more important now than ever. As we support our customers and their employees working remotely, and returning to the workplace, we are committed to delivering the best, most appropriate, and most accessible solutions. All of our services continue to be delivered to the highest standards by fully accredited, experienced professionals.

Digital Wellness Events

Feel Good Wellness delivers wellness seminars, workshops, yoga classes and 1-1 consultations annually across a range of topics.

Popular Topics: Fitness Classes (yoga, pilates), Remote Working, Employee Financial Wellness, Nutrition.

All of our Health and Wellbeing events are available via Live Video Link, our expert facilitator will take your team through a topic just like they would in person.

Feel Good Wellness Portal

As more and more people have restricted movement during this period, we provide access to Health and Wellbeing online and via an app.

The Feel Good Wellness portal gives employers a branded health and wellbeing solution with the best health advice that employees can access wherever they are.

Employees can access hours of Wellness content created by leading industry experts, from yoga videos to nutrition plans and recipes.

Feel good wellness - wellness for businesses

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