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Living yoga off the mat

Did you know that you can LIVE yoga off the mat? I don’t mean that you do a downward-facing dog in the fruit and veg aisle. But by all means, don’t let me stop you! I can talk to you all day about how yoga has helped me out physically.

But sometimes, I forget to tell people about how yoga has helped me out mentally and emotionally. Fitness doesn’t just relate to the body. 

Living yoga off your mat can mean so many things! I want to share what living yoga means to me and how you can live a more yogic life if you want to. 

Living yoga means being more authentic, wholehearted and real. It means connecting with yourself more and more. It helps you park the drama and the stories we tell ourselves and invites us to be present. But what it has helped me out with the most, was owning my sh!t.

We’re all complicated in our own ways, but sometimes we make ourselves more complicated and put the walls up, in my case, I did it to protect myself. From what? Who knows… your guess is as good as mine. 

I had walls for walls. I was a closed-off hurt human. The problem really was I didn’t know why I was hurting. And I had surrounded myself with other people who were hurting. And the worst part of it is that HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. I was hurting other people. And I was letting people hurt me. I didn’t see it at the time. But I definitely see it now.

I had been doing yoga a while. When you are in a community of yogis, you are surrounded by people who are so authentic and so real that you kinda start to want that for yourself. I was really inspired to get to know me again. I wanted to be as peaceful and stressfree as them. And I wanted to feel as safe in myself as they felt in themselves.

And so I started to use yoga to learn more about myself. I wanted to be kinder, more at peace, let go of all the nonsense and heartbreak. I wanted to just breathe easier. And so I started living yoga.

Simple! Right?

For us humans, there is always a bit of drama going on. There is always a story in our heads. There is always a limiting belief holding us back. We’re not perfect. I’m definitely far from perfect! Yoga makes those imperfections and F ups completely ok. It gives you a way of just living and letting go without the extra baggage!

That is living yoga off your mat.

If you feel like you want to bring more yoga to your life then try any of these:

  1. Practice more self-love
    Honestly, love yourself more. You deserve it. You can use mantas, you can focus on looking after skin, self-care. Whatever works for you. What do you need?
  2. Forgive yourself
    You are a good person, regardless of whatever has happened to you or whatever you have done to others. Let it go. Please.
  3. Try meditating!
    A few minutes of meditation will have a deeply profound impact on you and those around you. Here’s a simple breathing meditation: sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes. Inhale slowly and gently for the count of four, hold it in for four, exhale for four, stay empty for four. And repeat. Keep going for 3 minutes or longer. It’s up to you. 
  4. Get on your yoga mat!!
    Create a daily practice. Make time and space for yourself. Getting on your mat daily can help build your confidence!
  5. Read a book. 
    Any book at all. What has reading got to do with all this? Well, reading is a great way of getting out of your own head. And every time you finish a book, it is an achievement.
  6. Go for a walk
    Without your headphones. Listen to the sounds that surround you. Tap into nature. Be present. Feel the ground underneath your feet. Feel the wind on your skin.

So yogi, you think you want to have a more yogic life?

I hope it inspires you to know and feel, you are loved and you are important, and I mean it.


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