Keeping things positive in trying times

There are times in life when our overwhelm levels are higher than normal (cough, hello Covid), and that’s OK. It’s how we look at these tough times that define us. We can choose to complain and let it all get a bit negative, or we can choose to be positive. 

I am a positive person most of the time. But I work on keeping myself positive.

Complaining brings everyone down. When you get stuck beside a negative nancy you end up falling into their negativity trap. And it can have an impact on our own mood, our productivity and our headspace.

Thinking negatively, even without saying the thought out loud, brings your mood down. It lowers your vibration and happiness levels. And when you are busy complaining, you will only attract more things to complain about. 

Think about an area of your life that gets you down, could be money, love, whatever it is that keeps you stuck. If you keep thinking “there are no good men out there”, then you will attract men who are not right for you. If you keep thinking and saying “I never have enough money”, then you will keep repelling money!

While we move in and out of lockdown, it can even more challenging to keep a positive mindset, but it’s not impossible.


Here are my three steps to keeping things positive in trying times


1. Embrace the magic in your life

I don’t mean rabbit-in-a-hat magic, I am referring to magical moments where you celebrate a big or small success. It could be anything from reaching a goal, or it could be that you got a parking spot near the front door at Dunnes.

Some of the most magical moments for me are when my little niece cuddles in to drink her bottle, simple and sweet. It always gives me that magical upbeat feeling. When I feel negative or feel like complaining, I tune back into that feeling and I back in a positive space.

If you are finding that you can’t just tune into the feeling, pick up the phone and chat a friend. Don’t ring for a whinge. Ring and ask them how they are doing, have a bit of a laugh with them.


2. You are already living a blessed life

Do you have access to running water? Do you have food in the press? Do you have clothes?

Unless you answered no, you are living a BLESSED LIFE. Simple. 

Nothing in your life is a nightmare or a disaster… Trust me, you already have it good. When you are having a moment when it all feels a bit too hard, the kids are driving you mental, the dinner burns or whatever the drama is. Take a moment – and check yourself. I know this year has been a huge challenge for all of us and starting the year in lockdown isn’t a mood booster.

You might have other stuff going on, you might be worried about money, house or your relationship. You still have a blessed life. 

Start being grateful for the small things and you’re attitude towards the bigger problems will change too. Be grateful for all the small things, because for others they are inaccessible. This is just a humble reminder that you are already very fortunate.

Before I start working, I count my blessings. I am so grateful for whatever money I have, I am so grateful for how healthy I am, for food, for coffee, for everything. For whatever is going on, I am grateful.


3. Look to your future

I am a huge fan of vision boards. I love visualising the future. Vision boards and visualising are great tools. Looking at pictures of what you are looking to achieve brings you back into a positive mood. I stick my vision board in my office, in my bedroom, the fridge, the sitting room. I walk around my house looking at pictures of that excite me.

And while I am looking at these photos, I let myself imagine how I will feel when I achieve it, and I achieve almost ALL of my vision board dreams. It is so simple but so effective.

If you are focusing on the negative side of life, then you will just attract more negativity. When you are looking at gorgeous holiday destinations, fitness goals, money goals on a vision board and then visualise yourself achieving it, you will have a more positive vibe. And positivity is contagious.

I hope it inspires you to know and feel, you are loved and you are important, and I mean it.


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