Feel Good Wellness journey to where I am today…

We bring wellness to the people who need it most. Feel Good Wellness is a body and mind wellness programme incorporating yoga, mobility, meditation and breathing exercises.

Through our wellness programme, your team will become more resilient and perform better. With business’ employees working from home, the wellness programme helps tackles the new challenges they are facing.

Christina - Founder

Hi, I’m Christina, the founder of Feel Good Wellness. I started Feel Good Wellness because everyone deserves to Feel Good. Whether it’s through yoga, meditation or coaching, I believe that when we focus on our wellness, everything else falls into place.

I was first introduction to yoga was at the age of 19. When I moved to Bondi, Sydney my love of yoga really flourished. Having maintained my practice throughout my early 20s, I completed my 200hr Power Yoga Teacher Training with the Power Living in 2013 in Sydney. My passion for further study has never stopped, I completed my Restorative, Advanced Anatomy, Yoga Breathing, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training.

I believe that connecting body and mind is at the heart of a wellness practice.

As part of my wellness journey, I qualified as a mindest and wellness coach, focusing on providing coaching services that help people get clarity around what they want from their life but help them achieve it.

Coaching it’s not about your coach, but about this relationship of trust that we create to propel you where you want to go, to who you want to be.




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