4 No-BS ways to unleash your Inner Goddess

4 No-BS ways to unleash your Inner Goddess

Originally published on Elephant Journal

Look around the people in your own life, how many of them are teetering on the edge of burnout?

Or stressed beyond belief?

Yeah, sure we can put it down to the pandemic. Or maybe it’s time to look inward and see if we are giving our Inner Goddess time to shine.

Society tends to praise our masculine energy – think busy schedules, SMART Goals, structure, driven by direction etc. And while tapping into our masculine energy helps us achieve and be logical, it can leave us feeling out of balance, burnt out, stressed, and exhausted. Look around the people in your own life, how many of them are teetering on the edge of burnout?

On the flip side of that, we have our beautiful Inner Goddess. Our feminine energy or Inner Goddess loves to tap into our creativity, intuition, vulnerability and empathy. It’s our softer side. It gives us the feeling of being guided, supported and loved. Our Inner Goddess lets us tap into our Inner Wisdom, lets us feel a greater sense of harmony, peace and compassion. But she’s also a bit of a badass, having her onside gives you incredible power, confidence and self-worth.

Regardless of your gender, both energies are pulsing within you, and they influence us on a deep, emotional level. We need the duality of both to ensure balance, harmony and ease.

Unleash your Inner Goddess

Unleashing your inner goddess is a lost art, yet vitally important for our self-love and self-confidence. Spend time showing her some love, and you will reap the benefits tenfold.

1. Personal rituals

While our masculine energy loves routines, our feminine energy loves rituals. Create personal rituals that leave you feeling invigorated, refreshed and bursting full of love. Some of my favourite rituals include yoga, affirmations, tapping and meditation.

2. Deep Healing

We all have wounds, limiting beliefs and hurt that needs tending to. Our Inner Goddess wants to tend to those wounds and heal. Start by noticing where you are feeling limited in your life and ask what is holding you back. Delve deeper and see where that is coming from. Inner child wounds and limiting beliefs can be us stuck in a negative pattern. Your beautiful Inner Goddess would like you to be free. Spend time choosing more empowered beliefs, practicing Ho’oponopono, tapping or talking to a coach or counsellor.

3. Tap into your intuition

We all have the ability to tap into our intuition, but so few of us actually harness the power within. Our Inner Goddess is wise, she knows what’s up and she is just dying for us to be still and listen to her inner wisdom.

Meditation, journaling, free writing and scripting are beautiful ways to allow your inner wisdom to spill out. Tarot is a great tool to help you connect deeper to your intuition and allow yourself to be guided more.

4. Set goals based how you want to feel

If you are a goal setter you’ve probably used the SMART method. But how often do you set goals based on how you want to feel?
I used to set SMART goals based on what I thought was the right goal for me, but I never felt connected to the goal itself. It didn’t matter if I had vision boards, wrote myself cheques or visualised achieving every day. The SMART goal never landed with me.

It wasn’t until I started thinking about how I wanted to feel, i.e. contentment, that I started to create goals that my Inner Goddess could get behind. So if I want to feel content, then I would set goals around what would give me contentment in different areas of my life.

Balancing both the Masculine and Feminine

Masculine energy is often viewed as bad and feminine energy seen as good. There is no good or bad. Everything in life asks for balance – light and dark, sun and moon, day and night, yin and yang.

When you embrace your masculine energy nurture qualities like leadership, action, adventure, logic, confidence, focus. We need these qualities in our careers and to help us to succeed.

Our female energy on the other hand allows us to embrace qualities like intuition, creativity, compassion and understanding. We feel more expansive, open and supported.

If you want to fully unleash your Inner Goddess try my free 10-Day Self-Love Challenge and truly tap into her amazing power.

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